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The Sir LanceLock® Secure Vehicle Ventilation System was developed by a father and daughter engineer team looking for solutions for dog safety in vehicles.

Caz Bassett is a dog exhibitor and trainer who became increasingly concerned for the safety of her dogs during events.  The norm is to leave them inside a vehicle with the boot open to allow for ventilation.  Theft of these prize dogs at shows was becoming a real concern and there were few secure ways to lock the car with the animal inside without risks of asphyxiation and heat exhaustion to the dogs.

Having tried many solutions, Caz’s father Lance, developed a highly effective method to securely lock the vehicle by developing the door lock extension bar.  This is a stainless steel bar that adheres to the vehicle’s existing locking system and can only be opened using the vehicle key. The bar enables the vehicles own locking system to be used by extending the open area – making it completely safe and secure for the owner.

Made from engineered stainless steel, with no moving parts, and no weak weld points, the bar’s design makes it impossible to remove without specialised equipment, unless you have normal key-entry access to the vehicle.

A global patent application has been made for the design and use of this product, which is without market substitution.

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