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Unit 19, 30 Foundry Road Silverdale, Silverdale 0932, 0932
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Silverdale Asset Management (SAM) is a privately owned company that delivers and manages property assets on behalf of a core group of strategic partners and subsidiaries.

SAM Property brings decades of commercial experience to every stage of the property lifecycle. The team has expertise in land acquisitions and master planning, overseeing construction and development, sales and leasing, and property asset management.

The goal is always for long-term ownership of our properties and happy customers. Currently, SAM manages over 110 tenancies, predominantly commercial and industrial buildings, as well as industrial yards. In recent years, SAM has also turned its attention to the management and delivery of residential land with its SH16, Riverview and Oakview developments.

SAM works with a team of accomplished consultants, employing experienced contractors who are also committed to excellence in construction. SAM acts as the Project Manager to its group of companies and partnerships, successfully delivering both land and buildings developments. Many tenants include blue chip national brands, through to smaller, local owner-operators.

Paul and John Boocock formed SAM to establish and manage the family property assets post the sale in 2011 of Hiway Stabilizers to a NZ private equity firm.