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Suite A 166 Kitchener Road Milford, Auckland, Auckland 0620, New Zealand
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Business Advisory

Helping business owners to “improve the business inside their business”​ is the aim of the Rise Advisory Business Growth Programme. This company has been developed over time to help small business leaders understand and respond to common causes for concern including new legislation and regulatory changes, staffing issues, rapid advances in communications and media, shifts in market expectations, climate change, and global competition.

Utilising the combined strength of experienced Advisors and specially designed Programmes we provide on-the-job guidance which systematically moves a business owner’s abilities up in achievable levels.

Whilst the majority of our clients are small businesses that have been in business for 2-10 years, the Programme also works with more established businesses helping them to carry out due diligence and look at planned growth and maximised profit.

Our approach is consultative in that we fit the Programme to the needs of the individual business owner and seek reports and feedback regularly to ensure the process is working for the client, and that they are comfortable. We also use NLP (neuro linguistic programming) which is a proven technique in leadership development which results in self-monitored and self-directed behaviour change.

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